1. I don’t understand what you do.

When building a new home (or doing a complete remodel of one), many people don’t know where to turn to ensure they get the technology they want now, and may want in the future. They’re concerned about being sure the right wiring is run, and that they’re not either under-doing it, or worse, over-doing it.

So we have leveraged our 15 years in the business and have created a powerful tool that gives you (and your architect, general contractor and interior designer) all of the information needed, from start to finish. Our site will ask you a few questions about the home you’re building, and then provide you equipment lists, budgets, cabling specifications, and instructions for you and your contractor for tying it all together. It’s a comprehensive solution that you yourself direct.

2. Who installs the products?

We have simplified things and reduced the number of components – so your electrician and a handyman can easily do it all. The instructions our system creates makes it easy – heck, we think those that have a few basic tools and some technical aptitude can even do it themselves.

3. Where do I get the products you’ve suggested?

One of the major benefits about our system is that you are in control, and you’re not overpaying for electronics – not always the case if you go with “specialists” that may have interests other than your own at heart. Our detailed equipment specifications, which include exact part numbers and prevailing “street” prices, also include convenient links to purchase most everything you need at Amazon, Crutchfield, and others.

4. What products do you suggest?

We only recommend products from the category leaders. But anyone can read a magazine review. Instead, the products are from companies we grew to know and trust over 15 years installing the same items in hundreds of homes.

And most importantly: our proprietary recommendation engine matches your or your client's requirements with the right products. You get a complete equipment list, including model numbers and fair street pricing for each product, with our Build Package.

Here are some examples:

Network: Ruckus, Ubiquiti UniFi, Amplifi Mesh
TV: Samsung, Sony, LG, Sunbrite
Music: Sonos, Yamaha, HEOS
Speakers: Monitor Audio, Sonance, Definitive Technology, Niles Audio
Lighting and Motorized Shades: Leviton, Lutron, Vantage
Security Cameras: Hikvision, Dahua
Smart Thermostats: Nest, Ecobee
Connected Front Door: Ring Pro, Skybell

5. I want to use products that I already own or use different products than what you’ve suggested. Why can’t I select my own products?

Obviously, it is your choice to the degree to which you follow our equipment suggestions. But please note that our recommendations reflect over 15 years of experience installing these same products in homes – in many cases, some of the world’s finest homes. We carefully curate what our system recommends, and are confident you will be very pleased with the end result. If not, we'll make it right.

If you do opt to make substitutions, in many cases the results will be excellent – but there may also be minor incompatibilities that you and your family will find frustrating. We encourage you to use our suggestions.

6. I worked with someone before that did this for me – how is this different?

We are very familiar with companies like that – we were one ourselves for almost 16 years. Our system replaces expensive specialists and puts you in control. The systems our website suggests are designed from the ground up to be simple to install, use, and maintain – sadly not the case with many “custom installers”, “residential technology contractors”, or “A/V guys”.

7. Can my architect, contractor, electrician or designer use this and do it for me?

Absolutely! In fact, we strongly encourage you to use our tool in conjunction with your architect, interior designer, and/or general contractor. We are confident they will immediately see the value.

8. Can’t my General Contractor or Electrician do all of this without using your service?

For over 15 years, we’ve witnessed many cases where the homeowner has tried to leave it all to their contractor and/or electrician. Sadly, the results were often insufficient or incomplete, so we’d be called in to straighten things out.

But now, and with what our tool provides, we encourage you to utilize the capabilities of your contractor and what his team can provide – our paid tier provides all of the information, instructions and best practices they’ll need.

9. Isn’t everything wireless now? Why do I need this wiring you’re suggesting?

Wireless technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, and others definitely are critical in any home today – in fact, we automatically include commercial-grade WiFi in every system. But you only have to think of your cell phone: even in the best of situations, there can still be dropped calls, interference, and other issues with wireless transmissions...

So in a Casa Integration home, items that are not moved (things like your TV, music system, and the desktop computer in your home office) get hardwired, Ethernet connections to the Internet. This type of connection will always be more reliable than a wireless one, and will result in superior experiences when streaming movies and music. You and your family can therefore have optimal connectivity – great WiFi everywhere you want it, and wired connections where you truly need it.

10. Can I use my smartphone as the remote control for the TV’s?

Yes, but we don’t suggest it because most find old-school “wand”-style remotes more convenient when watching TV. And despite having exactly the features you want (cable, satellite, cord-cutter or cord-never), there’s no need for fussy and expensive custom “universal” remote controls.

11. What happens when something goes wrong? Who do I call?

We believe that we’ve simplified things such that you yourself will be able to resolve most problems, should they occur. With a Casa Integration home, there is no mystery about where things are or what’s going on.

However, we recognize some will want the security of having support available on demand and we are pleased to offer ongoing support for a very reasonable quarterly fee – there’s more info here

12. What about Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc.? Where does that fit in?

That is one of the best things about a Casa Integration home – the equipment we suggest is fully compatible with things like Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, etc. So anyone wanting voice-controlled home automation will be pleased to learn that you’re all set. And even more so, because things like Alexa, Google Home, and the others all rely upon WiFi – and in a Casa Integration home, the WiFi is great.

13. I want a security and alarm system for my home – why don’t you offer that?

While we definitely offer surveillance cameras, we’ve found monitored security/alarm systems to best be handled by specialists. We encourage you to contact ADT or a similar company in your area. Be sure to ask for a system that gives you app-based control.

14. Why only homes up to 5,000 square feet?

We are very confident that the systems our tool specifies will meet the needs of the vast majority of people. But very large homes have technology requirements that require more complex systems and products, and those are best handled by an on-site specialist.

15. What if I want something that you don’t offer, like intercoms and big media rooms?

Much like the previous question, there will be times when a homeowner wants capabilities that are beyond the scope of our new configuration tool. If you are seeking something like a whole-home intercom system, and/or a dedicated theater room, you will be best served by working with an on-site residential technology integrator.

16. Why new homes only?

When we say “new” homes, by that we mean truly new homes, and also complete renovations (where the walls and ceilings are open). That is because it all comes down to the ability to run the correct wiring – which our tool completely documents.

So because of the importance of the correct wiring being in place in terms of overall system performance and the esthetics of the end result, we are presently limiting the use of our new tool to new homes or renovations that allow for the wiring we specify to be installed..